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[...] Sjaella is fascinating in all aspects, not just in how they have perfectly mastered all technical standards. These young women have a strong presence and are confident on stage, are all self-confessed natives of Leipzig and they have a deep love, but more importantly, the voices for modern music. Their heavenly voices are pure and clear, cantabile up to the highest tones, highly professional both in unison and individually, and always searching for divine beauty - for the soul, with soul. [...] Gerold Paul

KREUZER 01/2014

Praise for the CD »Preisung«

"[...] their latest album released recently by Querstand, the label from Altenburg, is the sextet's strongest performance to date. [...] Sjaella wins most points yet, with an impressive timbre that shines through with as many colours as the stained-glass window of a Gothic church. That their soulful voices ring out pure in every note, is but obvious: From the throats of these women, the songs take on a mystical depth, which is yet to meet its match." Hagen Kunze


Praise for the CD »Preisung«

"Like after the mythical blossoming of Mantua during the Renaissance, a highly exotic constellation has emerged: a cappella ensembles composed solely of female voices. This has led to the development of an ethereal range of sound, like that nurtured by the amazing ensemble Sjaella, and it is difficult not to succumb to their charm. The latest CD from the sextet features pieces by Simon Wawer, Ekkehard Meister, Paul Heller, David Timm and Volker Bräutigam, which were largely composed for the voices of this ensemble. In very few instances can one talk about New Music; what you have here is more of a soft and soulful flow of timelessness. The 14 stirring tracks come from a place that is pure, intimate and bewitching - and they are all vocally sublime." kfm


"[...] "Sjaella" from Leipzig, with a mean age of just about 20, is not only the youngest ensemble in the history of the festival, but is already one of the most sought-after female ensembles in Germany. Along with pop and jazz, the sextet also performs classical and folk songs as also contemporary vocal music. [...]"


"Enchanting and crystal clear - the five "Graces" of a cappella ensemble "Sjaella" took their Bach-soirée audience by storm. Thundering applause was met by touching surprise on the faces of the five singers who could each be soloists [...]."


"[...] "Sjaella" won [...] the hearts of the Halle audience instantaneously with their fresh, natural presence and excellent quality." 01/2013

"[...] Because you hear six young female voices that are in perfect harmony with each other, that blend together so easily and without any effort, you would be lead to believe that this ensemble has vocally grown together. [...]"

RONDO - Das Klassik- und Jazzmagazin 03/2011

"[...] like stained-glass, their a cappella pieces shine like songs of every colour, be it folk songs or their own twist on the Beatles. Without a doubt: This is the girl group you must keep your ear (and eye) on."

SONO Magazin 05/2011

"[...] they cross genre boundaries not only in their choice of songs, also in their interpretation of them [...] reflecting competence and a pleasant vocal mood [...]"

KREUZER 05/2011

"[...] here the girls can present their pure, crystal-clear intonated voices magnificently. These voices reflect an amazingly individual timbre as the foundation, especially in their more peppy numbers. 'Sjaella' - that's a name you should remember."


"They haven't just very successfully left their visiting card at many festivals; they have also emerged from contests as winners. Their youngest member is just about sixteen [...] The intonation is impeccable, as is the dynamic balance and what they want to achieve from their sound [...] They embody a stunning perfection, that the pop scene [...] rarely throws up."

"DAS ORCHESTER" Schott Music 11/2011

"[...] the unblemished intonation and precise articulation makes sure that the volume of what was imagined as an extended choir does not go unnoticed [...] the vocal prowess of Sjaella is stunning for a group of singers who are this young [...]"

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  • Concerts in Stuttgart, Bad Ragaz (Switzerland) and Berlin among others
  • Beginning of March till end of August: sabbatical, stays abroad
  • Concert tours to Helsinki (Finland), Marling (South Tirol) and Treviso (Italy)
  • Production and release of "lifted"
  • Concerts in München, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Staufen, Trier, at events like Nürtinger Jazztage, a cappella festival Leipzig and Sandsteinfestival among others
  • Concerts in Berlin, Münster and Stuttgart, among others
  • Auftritt mit Bobby McFerrin im Gewandhaus im Rahmen des Leipziger A-Cappella-Festivals
  • Teilnahme am Internationalen A-Cappella-Wettbewerb in Leipzig
  • Performance at the Paula awards ceremony at the BERLINALE 2014
  • CD »Preisung« features on the Long List for the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (German Record Critics' Award)
  • Production and release of third CD »Preisung«
  • Concerts at events like the Leipzig A-Cappella Festival, the Hanover A-cappella Week, the MDR Musiksommer and the Fränkische Sommer
  • Concert tour to Finland to perform in the German Church in Helsinki
  • Concerts in Poznan (Poland), Leipzig, Coblenz, at the Schönberger Musiksommer and the Leipzig Bach Festival, among others
  • Television appearance on Hier ab vier (MDR), visit Hören&Sehen
  • CD recording with Ensemble Nobiles > Songs by Hugo Distler (released by Rondeau
  • Invited to AnnettesDaschSalon (ZDF.kultur) on 17.08.2012
  • Participated in the Vocal Ensemble Meet in Coblenz, workshops with John Potter (Hilliard Ensemble) and Werner Schüssler
  • Concert tour with Ensemble Nobiles (Leipzig, Erfurt, Lübeck, Wittenberg and others)
  • Release of debut CD »Sjaella«
  • Television appearance on artour (MDR), visit Hören&Sehen
  • Concerts in Bonn (WDR live recording), Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne and others
  • Workshop and concert with Klangbezirk
  • VokalTotal spectaculum mundi in Munich
  • VokalTotal, International Acappella Competition in Graz (Austria) > Ward Swingle Award
  • Concerts in Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein
  • Recording of debut CD Sjaella with classical music record label querstand/Kamprad publishing group
  • International Acappella Competition, Acappellafestival Leipzig > 3rd place
  • Concert featuring the works of Old Masters at the Gedächtniskirche in Leipzig as part of the Schumann-Festwoche 2009
  • Television appearance on MDR aktuell
  • TonART Festival, Ilmenau
  • Performance at the Leipzig Book Fair with live telecast on MDR
  • Participated in the Festivokal vocal festival in Ibenstadt, Hesse > First contact with Simon Wawer
  • First self-organised concerts in Markkleeberg and Leipzig
  • Performance at the Symposium for Child and Youth Voices at the Leipzig Music High School
  • Hildebrand competition
  • Award winners concert in Lindensaal Markkleeberg
  • Performance at the Night of Choirs at the Peterskirche church in Leipzig
  • Concert at the Golgatha church in