Music clears space for emotions and thoughts, but it also makes room for mindfulness and mediation. We have decided to capitalize on that created space and to devote a piece of our art to SOS Children's Villages Worldwide. Our goal is to reach out to those who listen to our music and try get them engaged in the organisation.


Es hat ein bisschen gedauert, die jetzige Situation zu verdauen und sich von den bereits ausgemalten Plänen für die nächsten Monate zu verabschieden. Nun sind wir aber wieder am Start - zumindest virtuell! Inzwischen konnten auch einige der abgesagten Konzerte verlegt werden. Alle aktuellen Informationen dazu findet ihr auf unserer Website.

Das Deutsche Chorfest, auf welches wir seit Wochen hingearbeitet haben, kann wie unzählige andere Veranstaltungen nicht stattfinden.Glücklicherweise wird das offizielle Chorbuch des Festivals trotzdem im Mai veröffentlicht! So gibt es in gewisser Weise doch ein Vermächtnis des Chorfestes 2020. ;-) Der Sammelband umfasst 112 Kompositionen aus verschiedenen Epochen für gemischten Chor a cappella: Darunter auch das wunderbare „Da Pacem“ von Gregor Meyer, welches wir 2017 in Auftrag gegeben und nun für euch aufgenommen haben. (Klick here to watch the video).

Bleibt gesund und macht's euch schön zu Hause! ❤️

Eure Sjaellen


After taking some time to process the situation and cutting plans for the next months we are finally back on track - virtually at least! Some of the cancelled concerts have been rescheduled, you can find all the latest information on our website. 

Like countless other events the Deutsche Chorfest (German Choir Festival) cannot take place. But we are very pleased to announce that the festivals official Choral Book can still be published in May. In a sense it will surely carry on the festivals legacy! This collection includes 112 compositions from different periods for mixed choir a cappella: One of them is the wonderful “Da Pacem” by Gregor Meyer which we've commissioned in 2017 and recorded for you recently.

We hope you’re able to spend a good time with your loved ones right now! ❤️

In the meantime: Here’s our new song…(klick here to watch the video)

All the best,


Auch wir müssen leider unser Konzert am kommenden Sonntag in Ahaus absagen, um eine exponentielle Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu verhindern. Das Konzert wird nachgeholt! Wir checken freie Termine und dann erfahrt ihr sofort, wann. Bis dahin, und bleibt gesund <3

The last year has been beautiful. But of course, this 'beauty' that we are now looking back on also includes struggles and fears. There seems to be something about the yin and yang concept ;). In any case, we feel nothing but pure gratitude for what we were able to experience. Many thanks to everyone who supported us with action, love, or criticism.

2020 will be very exiting. In addition to already planned concerts, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary, which we can tell you more about soon!

At the start of the new year we are releasing the third and thus last piece, which was created during a live session last summer: A song with an immortal massage - 'Music For A While' by Henry Purcell arranged for 6 female voices. Click here to watch the video.

Wenn es knuspert
wo’s sonst knistert,
brühend heiß der Ofen wispert
„Stell mich aus, ich werde Asche“
und der Inhalt
letzter Flasche
zwischen Scherben schwimmt,
sag ich bestimmt
„So schön war’s nie.“
Denn ohne das
verliert die Weihnacht
ihre einzigartige

‚Preisung‘ shows our affinity to contemporary choral music as well as a wonderful result of our close collaboration with composers around us, especially from our hometown Leipzig. Commissioning and performing new compositions forms an important part of our artistic work.

The organist and church musician Volker Bräutigam has shaped not only Leipzig‘s cultural life but as a teacher also many of its musical personalities. We recorded and published ‚Preisung‘ on the occasion of Volker Bräutigam‘s 80th birthday. In this piece his compositional language and Martin Buber‘s expressive text combine to an absolutely unique sound language. Click here to watch the new video!



Yesterday evening we had our debut at the big hall of Mozarteum in Salzburg. We are so grateful for such an enthusiastic audience in a sold out hall and of course we would like to thank the vocalensemble Hohes C that invited us to share this concert within the Salzburger Kulturtage!