MASTERCLASS "Individual - collective: Richness and homogeneity in harmony"
Der perfekte Ensembleklang
© Chorverband e.V. /Chor@Berlin 2016

Through our many years of working as an ensemble, we have come to one conclusion: Without vocal individuality within the harmony, our tonal range is simply limited. Each of our voices is different; as unique as our individual personalities. The only way for us to reach our true potential is by tapping into this wealth. Achieving a rich, colourful collective sound and integrating many different vocal variations requires a high degree of individual responsibility, openness, trust, and sensitivity.

In our workshop, we look forward to working with participants to explore their entire vocal potential and to then use it to enrich the group sound. The starting point is the self and is then followed by an expansion of the senses for fellow singers.

After a full-body warm up, we will work on opening all our senses through exercises in mindfulness and awareness. We will use them to activate non-verbal communication among the singers to intuitively bring the pulse of the group to the fore. This is an essential element for group singing without a conductor.

Thereafter, we will work on expanding our breath and resonance apparatus to unlock individual tones while singing. In addition to a large range of sound, this will make it possible to experience vibration as a collective resonant body.

Based on participant preferences, we will work with the group on one or more pieces and help prepare for concerts and competitions. Here, we will pay special attention to harmony and artistic intention. In this context, it is important for individual voices and voice groups to be formed both responsibly and collectively. Performing without a conductor, using elements of choreography, acoustic development of concert halls, and improving stage presence are other focus areas within our musical and performance work.

All exercises can also be conducted for groups that do not perform in a fixed composition. Our workshop conception is flexible and we are happy to adapt to the wishes and needs of each group. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests or consultations.


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