Uniform yet individual, gentle yet robust, precise yet free-flowing - this versality is what Sjaella's sound is all about. The six singers joined forces many moons ago and continue to discover new ways to diversify their sound. They are open to new influences, love musical diversity and have the courage to challenge barriers. They are comfortable with their wide-ranging repertoire which comprises various genres. This very diversity coupled with the close relationship the group has with their fans has paved the way, for many years, for Sjaella’s participation in renowned music festivals both domestic and overseas and have been awarded first prizes at international vocal music competitions.


Viola Blache



Viola impresses her listeners not just with her wonderful voice; she also charms them with her love of music and of life. With her keen eye for what is most important she often really hits the nail on the head, bringing an amazing clarity in many difficult situations. She is steady with a light touch, successfully juggling Vocal Studies at HMT Leipzig, concerts across Germany and Sjaella at the same time, while still loving what she does.

Luisa about Viola

Helene Erben


I met Helene shortly after starting school. I was immediately inspired by her passion for musical experimentation, and she instilled great ambition in me. Her deep voice, in every sense, and her intelligent musicality are the foundation of Sjaella. I am always stunned by her seemingly effortless ability to switch between the contrasting tones of classical singing and a poppy twang. Her playful character means she always greets new challenges with openness and fierce determination.

Marie Charlotte about Helene

Marie Charlotte Seidel


Lotte really stands out in the group. Her warm mezzo-soprano voice gives Sjaella a fiery energy, particularly for jazzy pieces. When Lotte is not working with music, she likes to spread her wings and go globe-trotting in distant lands. Lotte is the artistic eye of the group. With her creative ideas and her sense of style, she really shapes the aesthetics of Sjaella. So it is no surprise that she is studying Art History.

Marie about Marie Charlotte

Marie Fenske


Marie brings to Sjaella a crystal-clear soprano voice, which has a particularly beautiful ring in Northern European folk songs. This music really lifts her, evoking the free and happy atmosphere of a Scandinavian forest. She has a special talent for finding the most beautiful and idyllic way to describe things, which she uses to compère Sjaella concerts, and in the studies she is so passionate about. Marie is studying Linguistics in Halle an der Saale. In Sjaella she always keeps an eye on the big picture, and it is no exaggeration to say that she is the organisational brain behind the group.

Viola about Marie

Franziska Eberhardt


During the years that I have been lucky enough to know Franzi, I have seen her love of music, dance and the stage grow. It was no surprise that she chose a classical course in Vocal Studies at Weimar. She has a perfect control of her voice and her body, and she knows how to present herself. This is particularly useful for us in our choreography work. But everyone who knows Franzi away from the concerts knows that she is not just a sensation on stage. She is always amazing the people around her with her huge repertoire of comic quotes, one-liners, funny faces and tricks.

Helene about Franziska

Luisa Klose


Our new member, from Leipzig naturally, has a charming voice and an infectious laugh. I think Luisa has a very balanced nature. There is a balance in everything she does, says and sings, and this comes across to others. She shows this in her teaching studies and in her family life of course- her ability to reconcile the latter and her new role on stage impresses me. Luisa also likes cooking, dancing, driving, and listening to radio plays in the evening.

Franzi about Luisa