Uniform yet individual, gentle yet robust, precise yet free-flowing - this versality is what Sjaella's sound is all about. The six singers joined forces many moons ago and continue to discover new ways to diversify their sound. They are open to new influences, love musical diversity and have the courage to challenge barriers. They are comfortable with their wide-ranging repertoire which comprises various genres. This very diversity coupled with the close relationship the group has with their fans has paved the way, for many years, for Sjaella’s participation in renowned music festivals both domestic and overseas and have been awarded first prizes at international vocal music competitions.


Felicitas Erben - Alto

VIOLA BLACHE - soprano


Franziska Eberhardt - Soprano

Helene Erben - Alt

Marie Charlotte Seidel - mezzo-soprano

Marie Fenske - Soprano

Luisa Klose - Alto

Luisa and Felicitas share the position of the alto 1 in the ensemble.