Music clears space for emotions and thoughts, but it also makes room for mindfulness and mediation. We have decided to capitalize on that created space and to devote a piece of our art to SOS Children's Villages Worldwide. Our goal is to reach out to those who listen to our music and try get them engaged in the organisation.


Mit lang anhaltendem Applaus und Standing Ovations wurden wir am Freitagabend von unserem Publikum im Gläsernen Saal / Magna Auditorium des Wiener Musikvereins belohnt. Es war uns eine Ehre, diese Heiligen Hallen zu besingen!


We had the best time on Friday night including a great audience and standing ovations at Musikverein Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium in Vienna. It was an honour for us to sing there!

Yesterday was the day: Our CD was released. It is now ready to be bought, EVERYWHERE! Sing playback along with us in the car...or wherever you want. A big thank you to everyone who helped us produce our new baby, especially to our sound master Martin Offik, all the arrangers (Håvard Gravdal, Tanja Pannier, Julius Christoph Göbel, Friedrich Praetorius, Michael Eimann, Susanne Blache, Simon Wawer, Laura Jēkabsone) our label Raumklang, artworker Hilde Pank, editor Ute Lieschke, the guest musicians (Peter Alexander Bauer & Barnabas Herrmann) and our manager Jana-Maria Eberhardt!


Hier seht ihr das Cover unserer neuen CD, welche im November erscheinen wird! So eine Produktion kostet, wie ihr euch sicher vorstellen könnt, eine Menge Geld. Deshalb würden wir uns freuen, wenn ihr uns bei der Finanzierung unterstützt, indem ihr unser VORBESTELLUNGSANGEBOT wahrnehmt! >>> Hier geht's zum Angebot!



Here you can see the cover of our new CD, to be released in November this year! As you can imagine, a production like this is very costly. Hence, we’d be enormously flattered if you chose to support us by making use of our PREORDER-OFFER >>> Click here to order!

We are thrilled to present the teaser of our new album to be released this autumn. Hear us sing North European folklore in new and gripping arrangements!
The album „NORD“ is going to be the start of the thematic series „Meridiane“ that is dedicated to the wide variety of folk songs around the world.
Thanks to the great filmmaker Tom Streller!

Klick here to watch the video...

Thanks to Rheingau Musik Festival for having us! Here you can find a review from our concert (unfortunately only in german).

© Marie Charlotte Seidel

Der Südwestrundfunk hat unser Konzert in Hohenstadt mitgeschnitten. Der Ausstrahlungstermin ist am 30.August, um 13.05Uhr im SWR2.

Hier kommt ihr zum Webradio...